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Please note the best ways to contact me are to send me a message on either LinkedIn or Email.

I'm a curious, multi-disciplinary product designer with 10 years of experience designing and building digital products across the web and mobile.

As a designer, I strive to be open and honest with my team. We all have different perspectives, which can lead us in unique directions - when this happens, it's vital that everyone feels included so there aren't any shocks from one another during the process of making decisions together as a group consensus building becomes key for success!

I love problem solving--and finding ways to make things better!

To me, the best work is when you can find a way to make something more simple. I like working with teams of all sizes because it gives me an opportunity ask questions about their projects and experience and then use that information in order create solutions for them--whether its by connecting people together or providing nudges along our journey together!

© 2022 All Rights Reserved

© 2022 All Rights Reserved