Goodbaby Czech Republic was a R&D department built for digital initiatives of the group to help them enter this new area of smart parenting.

Product Designer

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High costs of entry to the market

Company knew that there are many products for smart parenting such as babysitting cameras, sleeping pads etc. though the cost of entry to this area of hardware is quite high. Also whole product cycle in hardware is much longer.

So they came up with the initiative to use software solution with existing hardware as a shortcut to enter that market.

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Production technology in detail

We had a PM doing a great job collecting all the data from talks with parents. With such a small team with not many people focusing on UX, having a PM who’s capable of doing a research is a huge help.

Initially they wanted to know how many parents are actually using baby sitting to know how big the potential market is.

They also wanted to know how many people is having 2 or more devices such as smart phones or tablets at home.

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